Provantage Media Group launches Mall Ads™

Date of post: 2017-04-01

Leading out of home company Provantage Media Group has launched a new media company that will provide innovative solutions to brands and marketers wanting to target consumers in the mall environment. Mall Ads™ has been added to the Group’s extensive portfolio of Out of Home offerings and will provide advertisers with innovative and bespoke solutions to their mall advertising requirements.

“Malls have become integral to our society. It is where consumers shop, eat, socialise, bank and are entertained. And because of this, the environment is ideal for brands wanting to effectively engage with consumers,” says John Faia, General Manager: Mall Ads™.

Faia has a long history of experience within the mall environment and with an in-depth understanding of all aspects of marketing including strategy, creative and execution, he brings versatility and agility to Provantage Media Group’s Mall Ads™.

The mall industry in South Africa and on the rest of the continent is exploding, in line with the growth in population, mass urbanisation and trends in consumer purchasing power. The mall culture in South Africa, and its ability to sustain an increasingly diverse and economically viable consumer profile, is evident in mall refurbishments, extensions and the development of new mega-malls. For brands wanting to engage with consumers when the propensity to spend is high, malls offer the perfect environment.

Mall Ads™ offers brands access to a highly strategic and knowledgeable team of experts who can take a brand campaign to the next level. Furthermore, as a company of Provantage Media Group, Mall Ads™ has the capacity and footprint to deliver 360-degree, state-of-the-art, impactful campaigns that incorporate numerous touchpoints and platforms to deliver highly effective ROI. The product offering includes static media, digital media, activations and radio.

Faia goes on to says: “Mall campaigns provide brands with opportunities to engage with shoppers in a way that does not feel like traditional advertising. And with the growing number of malls in the country coupled with their extensive size, advertising in this environment will be integral to any marketing campaign for the simple reason that it offers proximity to point of purchase.”

Provantage Media Group’s Mall Ads™ is set to significantly change the way brands advertise in a mall environment, and will provide advertisers with innovative, effective solutions to their campaign objectives.

Mzukisi Deliwe, Deputy CEO: PMG, says “Mall Ads™ will continue to add value for landlords and we will continue to build and foster relationships in order to provide winning solutions for all stakeholders involved – advertisers, landlords, tenants and shoppers. We look forward to unveiling new opportunities within this environment.”

About Mall Ads™

Bespoke mall environment solutions that stimulate spend.

Mall Ads™ provides innovative and bespoke advertising and media solutions within the shopping centre environment. Our comprehensive range of platforms effectively target consumers and stimulate spend to the benefit of both brands and landlords. Mall Ads™ has partnerships with key malls across South Africa to successfully engage with diverse income brackets.

For more information contact John Faia at john@provantage.coza or on 0861 776 826 or go to Follow @ProvantageSA