John Faia appointed General Manager: Mall Ads™

Date of post: 2017-05-18

With a background in operations, products, retail and both classical and sports marketing, John Faia brings versatility and agility to Provantage Media Group’s new company: Mall Ads™. Faia has a long history of experience within the mall environment and an in-depth understanding of all aspects of marketing including strategy, creative and execution.

Faia’s versatile background means that he adds significant value on various levels including operations, products and alternative income, providing vital experience that can substantially contribute towards any brand or commercial objective.

With regards to heading up Mall Ads™, he is looking forward to innovating in the environment, bringing brands, landlords and consumers Out of Home media and engagement opportunities that are fresh, relevant and beneficially add to the overall mall experience.

“I have a passion for commercialising assets and products and delivering innovative solutions and ideas. In South Africa the mall environment is growing substantially. It has become ‘the third place’ for many consumers and we look forward to capitalising on this to the benefit of all stakeholders. It is an extremely exciting environment to be playing in right now,” he says.

To contact John Faia email him on or call 0861 776 826 or tweet @ProvantageSA