Mall Ads implements multi-mall Campaign for Africa People Movers

Date of post: 2017-07-26

Intercity passenger services operator Africa People Movers is engaging with its desired consumer audience through a multiple mall campaign implemented by Mall Ads™.

The campaign is running within twelve malls nationally and is drawing the attention of shoppers via Mall Talkers. Mall Talkers are offered across a carefully selected mall location base, delivering the best reach and frequency possible. These highly impactful static media units are placed at high traffic areas across the shoppers’ mall journey and serve to attract, inform and educate shoppers. Mall Talkers are a solution that can be applied to large regional malls as well as smaller community malls across the LSM spectrum.

Advertising in the mall environment has become a crucial part of the marketing mix. In South Africa each and every mall caters to a variety of consumer groups, and a specific variety at that. The environment has become an innovative space where brands can effectively engage with shoppers when they are in a purchasing frame of mind.

John Faia, GM of Mall Ads™ says that, “a mall campaign can’t simply be intrusive, it has to be relevant. And in order for this to happen the campaign has to make excellent use of the opportunities and the solutions available within this environment. The Africa People Movers brand has done exactly that, to great success.”

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