Mall growth sets bells ringing for marketers!

Date of post: 2017-11-02

The mall industry is expanding and with it the ability for brands to reach consumers in this environment. John Faia, GM of Mall Ads™ tells us more.

Over the past few years in South Africa we have witnessed a significant growth in the mall industry. Malls have become an integral part of the South African lifestyle and are considered ‘the third place’ for many consumers, after the ‘first place’ which is home and the ‘second place’ which is work. There are over two thousand malls in the country and the number is set to grow.

As a marketer this sets bells ringing. Why? Because growth, particularly in this environment, brings more opportunity for brands to communicate with consumers when they are in close proximity to point of purchase.

Malls are an ideal environment because it is here that brand campaigns can have the greatest impact and influence on purchase decision. It is in this environment where brands can remind their desired consumers that their product or service is without a doubt the best in the category.

Why is advertising in a mall environment so effective?

Firstly, malls cater to various age groups and demographics. They offer brands high dwell times because Mall Ads sidebar for newsletterconsumers go there to not only shop, but for entertainment. Convenience malls, which are located within communities, are visited during the week for approximately 30 minutes. This is when consumers buy daily necessities such as bread, milk and eggs.

The bigger regional malls have a much higher dwell time – approximately 2 hours. Furthermore, it is a planned visit, consumers will travel a long distance to get there and bigger purchases are made. In fact, a strong correlation exists between dwell time and total spend. As marketers we need to harness the consumer mindset – this entails being constantly in touch with how, when, where and for how long consumers shop.

At Mall Ads™, this is part and parcel of what we do. We keep our ears to the proverbial ground, we chat to landlords and shop owners and we keep abreast with trends, both locally and internationally.

For brands wanting to gain access to purchasing share of pocket, Malls offer an ideal environment for targeting shoppers and capitalizing on their desire and ability to spend. There are numerous opportunities to engage and communicate with consumers in this environment. With engaging creative, excellent strategy and memorable execution, brands can become part and parcel of the shopping bag.

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