Mall Ads launches iconic Indoor Towa at Umlazi Mega City

Date of post: 2018-10-15

In its continuous commitment to innovation and providing advertisers with strategic marketing opportunities, Mall Ads™ has installed a new media platform inside Umlazi Mega City Mall in KwaZulu-Natal. The Indoor Towa is a large format structure measuring over five metres high and two metres wide – making it highly visible to consumers within the mall.

In order to continue bringing advertisers new and exciting branding opportunities, innovation is key. Mall Ads™ recently launched Mall TV™ and Mall Radio, and now, with Indoor Towa the company continues to bring advertisers new, effective platforms that communicate with a highly receptive audience, this time within one of the busiest malls in KwaZulu-Natal.

Umlazi Mega City is a shopping complex which offers a wide variety of experiences for shoppers. The mall has recently undergone a R370 million refurbishment and is attracting a higher number of consumers as a result. It is strategically located at the gateway to Umlazi Township and attracts on average 1,3 million consumers each month.

Eye-catching advertising opportunity

Due to its size, the Indoor Towa is eye-catching and the messaging on it is highly visible. The Indoor Towa is lit and rotates 360° ensuring that all advertising messaging benefits from excellent exposure to a captive audience. This new advertising touchpoint is strategically located in the food court in Umlazi Mega City, an area which experiences high volumes of foot traffic and long dwell times.

John Faia, General Manager of Mall Ads™ explains that innovation coupled with strategic location makes for impactful advertising. “Points of engagement that are innovative and iconic directly influence the bottom line. The Umlazi Indoor Towa is iconic because of its size and targets consumers when they are enjoying a meal or standing in a queue waiting to order. This is where brands can positively influence purchasing decisions,” says Faia.

“With the Indoor Towa, not only does brand and product become top of mind, it influences purchase within the right environment,” concludes Faia.

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