The Born Free Barbers leverage Pop-Up concept in partnership with Mall Ads

Date of post: 2019-06-25

Innovative hair salon, The Born Free Barbers, has opted for an out-of-the-box marketing solution and is leveraging the power of the pop-up store concept at East Point Shopping Centre in Boksburg, in partnership with Mall Ads™.

The objective of the pop-up store is to drive awareness of The Born Free Barbers brand and generate sales leads, and the initial stages of the concept have proved successful, with the salon generating significant foot traffic in the first months.

A bricks and mortar temporary offering within targeted mall environments represents an alternative approach to traditional marketing or advertising. Mall Ads™ offers solutions to forward-thinking brands, whilst at the same time assisting property owners and landlords with maximising the value of their inventory.

“Pop-up stores have become a trend that has stuck and one that keeps evolving, bringing something new and exciting to shoppers,” says John Barber pop-up shop in busy mall in johannesburgFaia, General Manager of Mall Ads™. “The worldwide pop-up phenomenon is a consequence of a culmination of factors, and is working effectively for both brands wanting the bricks and mortar element and malls needing to rent out unoccupied space.”

For mall landlords, pop-up stores attract feet and add to the tenant mix, which, in this case bolsters the already-impressive East Point Shopping Centre offering.

Located in Boksburg on the East Rand of the Gauteng Province, the 45,000m2 mall has anchor tenants in the form of Game, Pick n Pay, Dis-Chem and Toys R Us, along with an array of luxury stores and a family-oriented food court that includes a host of fast-food restaurants and a children’s play area. The mall has doubled its retail variety since redevelopment to around 72 stores, with improved parking and access. Foot traffic is in the region of 515,000 shoppers a month, whilst the shopper profile is mid to high LSM with an average household income of R24,000 a month.

In this way, there’s great synergy between East Point Shopping Centre and exciting, mall specific shopper focused pop-up stores, with The Born Free Barbers adding to the mix in this particular case. At at the same time the brand is taking advantage of the opportunities for greater conversion, providing their consumers with an experience, and testing the market before embarking on something more permanent.

“The pop-up store isn’t just about selling merchandise, it’s also about connecting with the consumer in a way that is fresh and surprising,” Pop-Up Store in busy mall in Johannesburgsays Faia. “In fact, brands should consider the concept as part of their overall sales and marketing strategy, as it affords moments that are Instagram-able, Pinterest-able and drive social media sharing, thus further enhancing brand image and recall.”

The pop-up store is just one of the varied options within the broader Mall Ads™ offering, which includes static media and digital solutions in the form of Mall TV™, Mall Radio, branding opportunities in the parking, entrance/exit, restroom and walkway areas, along with hanging banners and lift space.