About us

Mall Ads™ is South Africa’s largest middle market mall media owner. Offering a variety of out-of-home platforms, Mall Ads™ provides brands the opportunity to engage with consumers at the final point of influence on their shopping journey.

With access to over 22.3 million shoppers monthly, and growing, there is no better partner for your brand than Mall Ads™.

The Rise Of Middle
Market Malls

Urbanisation and the increasing demands of middle-income consumers are driving growth for peri-urban, middle market malls.

A mall is not just a shopping trip, but is engrained in the fabric of the community it serves - it’s a destination, a venue for community events and a meeting place.

The middle market consumer has an appetite for high-end stores and entertainment, making a trip to the mall so much more than a convenience.

Our Approach

  • High impact shopper engagement with campaigns that enhance the consumer experience of the mall environment.
  • Campaign amplification across multiple touchpoints along the shopping journey.
  • High frequency messaging via media platforms that break through the clutter in a fast-paced retail environment.
  • Broader out-of-home campaigns to ensure that brand messaging is kept top of mind.
  • Inclusion of additional out of home touchpoints that not only enhance, but amplify campaigns.
  • Provide access during and after the shopper journey in order to continue engagement.