About us

Mall Ads is South Africa’s largest mid-LSM mall media owner. Offering multiple media platforms including static and digital offerings that engage with shoppers at the last touch point before the purchase decision is made.

With access to over 20 million shoppers monthly, and growing, there is no better partner for your brand than Mall Ads.

The Rise Of Middle
Market Malls

Urbanisation and increasing growth of the middle-income consumer are driving growth for peri-urban and lower to mid market centres with a growing demand for high-end stores

Its not just a shopping trip, it is a destination for the community & serves as a venue for community events and happenings and are engrained in the fibres of the community.

Our Approach

  • Allow for brands to be able to engage with shoppers across all platforms and offerings.
  • Brands can amplify their campaigns with more RETAIL touchpoints.
  • In a fast-paced RETAIL environment messaging and communication must be simple with a high frequency allowing you to break through with your message.
  • Utilization of other platforms tailored to your needs i.e. touch points will not only enhance the campaign BUT also AMPLIFY it…
  • We can access and continue to ENGAGE with shoppers during and after their shopper JOURNEY