Our Audience

Mall Ads is South Africa’s largest mid-LSM mall media owner. Offering multiple media platforms including static and digital offerings that engage with shoppers at the last touch point before the purchase decision is made.

Of Urban South African adults fall between LSM 5-8, With 20m Middle market Consumers

Agree that advertising influence their shopping habits and increases their propensity to purchase

Have noticed advertising in a mall environment

2 Hours Dwell Time

High dwell times allow for advertising engagement in the mall environment

6.9Average mall visits per month

High frequency of mall visits allow for continuous messaging during shopping trips and missions



Middle market and people from townships are poor and only buy cheaper brands


The market has buying power of R11 billion and there’s a growing demand for high-end stores.

Middle market and township malls are small, ugly with limited stores.

The average size of mall developments in mid market areas has increased from 6 500m² GLA to almost 20 000m² post 1994.

TAnchor tenants Woolworths and PnP Hyper are aggressively expanding to these centres and developments.

TBillions invested in the development and maintenance. E.g. Umlazi Mega City R379m revamps & and recently announced R1.2bn Attridgeville Mall development.

Middle market and township malls detract value from the community

Employment opportunities are created as stores recruit and employ local people in the centre.

Informal traders benefits from the infrastructure investment, extra security and footprint the mall attracts.

These malls offer a sense of community through providing a pleasant, safe, convenient place for people to shop and socialise.