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Mall Activation, regardless of the audience income bracket, is a highly engaging platform to not only reach shoppers, but also to educate, entertain and entice. Encouraging brand purchase behavior change at the point of purchase.

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Why Activations

In order to further leverage your media campaign, Mall Ads through ProActive our activations agency, is able to offer you a complete activations campaign.

ProActive specializes in bringing creative & strategic concepts to life through consumer experiences in the form of brand activations.

Brand activations are one of the most effective marketing tools within the marketing mix.

They have the ability to effortlessly connect with and engage consumers, as well as convert leads into sales and drive a purchasing decision through meaningful brand engagements.


A highly trained brand ambassador in retail store where the advertised product is sold

Which could be at any of the following stores: Shoprite or Pick ’n Pay, pharmacy, cellular store, bank or clothing stores

The brand ambassador will be trained in selling and sampling/ demo of product and will be in branded uniform with brands product

and leaflet, sample and/or giveaways


A 3m x 3m Promotional space in a  high footfall area of any of our Mall TV malls.

A display stand with interchangeable branding material is erected and staffed by multiple brand ambassadors and a Team Leader.

Brands are given an allocated space outside of major retailers within a mall space.

Brands are able to sample/ educate using their own equipment or ProActive can supply


Entertaining shows will be staged the main entrance areas of strip malls

Drive awareness and excitement for a brand that is advertised on Mall TV

Create a buzz, attract attention and excitement about your brand with live performances, games and giveaways

Branded stages are highly impactful and create huge brand presence

Shoppa Shows directly drive sales, enhance brand perception and create excitement for the product/brand

The objective of the show is for the consumers to have a “good time” experience with the brand and make the brand top-of-mind

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