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Our Mall Classic offerings allow you to create eye-catching campaigns that penetrate into the minds of your audience from Domination Zones, Maxi Towas, Restroom Ads and Escalator Branding. Learn more below:

Domination Zone

Domination zones are a bold and highly impactful advertising solution within the mall environment.

These zones provide brands the opportunity to ‘DOMINATE’ high footfall areas within the mall, employing a selection of impactful and highly visible static media options.

Mall Towa

Mall Towa are the largest OOH branding structures to be erected within shopping mall environments in South Africa.

Measuring 12 metres in height, Mall Towa offer advertisers the opportunity to brand this high visibility and high impact space in strategically selected high traffic and footfall areas

Escalator Branding

Escalator branding is a static mall media solution which allows advertisers to communicate through bold, creative and impactful messaging in high footfall areas.

This prominent presence and messaging ownership is available across the Mall Ads™ portfolio.

Restroom Advertising

Keep your brand top of mind with classic A4 frame branding solutions. Restroom advertising is a highly engaging, flexible and creative solution which allows for particularly targeted messaging. 

Media is strategically placed above urinals, behind cubicle doors, alongside hand driers, soap dispensers and in entrance/exit walkways, allowing brands to engage with shoppers in a quieter and attention-grabbing environment. 

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