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Domination Zone

Domination zones are a form of static branding within the mall environment where brands take over a section of the mall made up of various elements to create a bold and impactful solution
The main purpose of Domination Zones is for a brand to DOMINATE a high shopper traffic area.

Domination Zone Locations

Eyethu Orange Farm1 Million
Bara Precint2.4 Million
The Boulders1.1 Million
Umlazi Mega City1.5 Million
Bridge City1.6 Million
Chuma Mall800 000
Nelspruit Plaza600 000
Cleary Park800 000
Westgate800 000

Maxi Towa

Maxi Towas are the largest OOH branding structures to be erected in the shopping mall environments in South Africa. Measuring 12 metres in height, they are highly visible and offer advertisers the opportunity to brand the high impact space

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