Mall Ads™ provides innovative and bespoke advertising and media solutions within the shopping centre environment. Our comprehensive range of platforms effectively targets consumers and stimulates spend to the benefit of both brands and landlords.

Mall Ads™ has partnerships with key malls across South Africa to successfully engage with diverse income brackets.

MallAds™ presents brands with opportunities to engage with shoppers in a way that does not feel like traditional advertising. And with the growing number of malls in the country coupled with their extensive size, advertising in this environment is integral to any marketing campaign for the simple reason that it offers proximity to point of purchase.

Mall Talkers

  • Mall Talkers are offered across a carefully selected mall location base, which delivers the best reach and frequency possible.
  • These cost effective static media units are placed in high traffic areas across the shoppers’ mall journey.
  • Mall Talkers serve to attract, inform and educate shoppers.

Baby Change Rooms

  • Touching on the human need to care for beloved young ones, the baby change room offers a unique environment and unique target audience reach.
  • Baby change rooms are an integral part of young parents and care-givers routine. Subtle advertising and sampling within this space offers a medium that can directly influence brand usage behavior.

Banners, Escalators & Lift Branding

  • High Impact media platforms that deliver strong brand messaging directly in the shopping pathway.

Mall Radio

  • Mall radio is a non intrusive and value adding platform which stimulates the shoppers audio senses whilst shopping.
  • Not only does Mall Radio provide advertising opportunities across the mall, but also a music compliment that is suited to the shopping environment.
  • Mall Radio provides the ideal vehicle to reach shoppers with messaging and drives call to action while they are in high dwell areas and have a mindset that is conducive to advertising appeal.

Parking Media

Parking media offers a first point of contact for advertising messaging on the shopping journey.

Mediums include:

  • Booms
  • Wall sites
  • Payment Units
  • Pole ads
  • Ramp ads

Large Format Static Media

Large Format Iconic Media creates impact at point of entry and around the mall.

Formats include:

  • Iconic wallsites
  • Large scale fence wraps
  • Indoor and outdoor Towa’s

Digital media is by far outgrowing conventional media platforms and is the next step to elevating brands in a visually enticing manner and offering shoppers more.

The Channel is a mix of advertising and localised content.

Supported by News 24 live sport and news to provide shoppers with up to date news whilst conducting their shopping journey.

Mall Specific content is also on offer, whereby shoppers are kept abreast of the activities available at their chosen shopping destination.

Reach: 2,486,000 viewers per month


  • Brands who understand their audience, understand how to execute effective brand communication.
  • MallAds™ can help you derive in depth shopper intelligence to inform your brand strategy.

All research is independently conducted and externally verified


  • Mall Activation, regardless of the audience income bracket, is a highly engaging platform to not only reach shoppers, but also to educate, entertain and entice. Encouraging brand purchase behavior change at the point of purchase.
  • Tailor made activation solutions are available across the mall spectrum.
  • Mall space bookings.

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My Barber – Mall @Reds

The Challenge

A competitor business opened in the lifestyle centre across the road.

My Barber shop wanted to ensure that they remained top of mind in their location, they wanted to capitalize on the time of year for haircuts – back to school and back to work – and wanted shoppers within their own mall to find them with ease.

The Brief

To provide a cost-effective campaign within the mall environment.

To  incorporate brand presence and also facilitate directional marketing.

To  ensure that the store remained foremost in the consumer’s mind.

The Solution

For one month, three double-sided Mall Talkers were tactically placed at high traffic areas within the mall to direct shoppers to the store whilst also communicating the store’s back to school special haircuts.

The campaign was strategically implemented over the December period leading into January, in order to drive “back to school haircuts” specials.


The Barber Shop campaign was not only noticed but it increased sales by 20 per cent year on year.

“The Mall Talker campaign worked very well for us. The medium is cost effective and can be tactically deployed to drive feet to the store. Campaign results were immediate – I didn’t have to wait 6 months to see the impact.”

– Karl de Lange, owner

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