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Mall TV™ is South Africa's largest digital place-based network in a mall environment, with an audience of 22.3 million million shoppers.

Digital place-based networks broadcast to shoppers within captive environments where dwell-times and frequency ensure that content is not only viewed, but at high levels of recall. Flighting within types 26 malls across the country, the channel is a mix of entertaining and informative content and advertising.

Mall TV™ is supported by a live News24 sport and news feed that keeps shoppers informed whilst conducting their shopping journey. Mall specific, hyper-localised content is part of the content mix, keeping information relevant to the targeted consumer. As an impactful digital platform, Mall TV™ elevates brand engagement in a visually appealing manner within the right context.

Mall TV™ allows advertisers the ability to broadcast engaging, high-interest category content including lifestyle, fashion, sport & news. Screens are strategically situated within high foot traffic environments with excellent levels of viewability, providing effective visibility and reach to targeted and potential audiences.

Our Presence

Covers 9 main economically active and growing provinces

26 key malls in high dense catchment areas

Representing 22.3 million shoppers monthly

Why Mall TV™ works


Mall TV™ targets the growing middle market shoppers segment close to the point of purchase.


Effectively communicate price & product promotions to convert potential consumers into clients


Mall TV™ drives feet to stores while influencing decision making in the last window of opportunity along the consumer journey


Mall TV™ is a cost-effective digital place based television network, amplifying and providing incremental reach to ATL campaigns. 


High traffic and dwell time zones with excellent viewability offer high frequency, targeted reach and elevated recall.


Contextual relevancy drives high engagement.

Mall TV™ is noticeable, engaging and drives ad recall

Notice TV screens

Enjoy watching ads on TV Screens

Notice ads on TV screens

Remember ads seen on TV screen

[Source: TRANSIT GO panel 2020.]

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