SA's largest mall tv network with an audience of 19.7 million viewers

Mall TV is SA's Largest midincome mall digital placebased network boasting an audience of over 19.7 million shoppers monthly in 20 malls across SA

Digital media is by far outgrowing conventional media platforms and is the next step to elevating brands in a visually enticing manner and offering shoppers more.

The Channel is a mix of advertising and localised content.

Supported by News 24 live sport and news to provide shoppers with up to date news whilst conducting their shopping journey.

Mall Specific content is also on offer, whereby shoppers are kept abreast of the activities available at their chosen shopping destination.

Location 1

Location 2

Location 3

Our Presence

Covers 7 main economically active and growing provicens

20 key malls in high dense catchment areas

Representing 19.7 million shoppers monthly

How does Mall TV work?

Advertising options:

  • Your brands advert shown 6 times in one hour
  • Sponsorship allows an advert to be shown 6 times an hour with additional stings sponsoring our Sport or News content

Channel format:

  • Daily duration 9:00 – 18:00
  • 30 second adverts
  • 80% advertising & 20% content

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